Make The Leap!

Shawn Peterson isn’t your typical business expert. While improving your business strategy, he also focuses on creating a positive impact in your personal life to make you the happiest and best version of yourself.

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Experiencer of Life!

Shawn wants to help others get the most out of their life and business. Shawn recognizes that no one is successful without great people surrounding them in all areas of life. Shawn will bring insights, experiences, tips, and connections to help you become the best version of yourself! “Make the Leap”.

I would LOVE to speak to your organization on how to “Make the Leap” in your life and business! You truly are capable of building the life and business of your dreams. Let me assist you in accomplishing all that you want to.

Business is quickly evolving and with that, as is the way to go to market. Shawn is an expert in Business to Business sales models.

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1. Data

In modern times, nothing allows an organization to move forward more than strong data. Insights that can be used for business development are buried in your data. The first step of the strongest Client Acquisition model is useful data.

2. Marketing

Marketing & Sales Alignment is the key to efficient client acquisition. Focused brand, strategy, campaigns and tactics allow organizations to gain traction quickly. The term “inbound sales” refers to lead generation from marketing.

3. Business Development

Sales Development is the cost effective way to leverage data & marketing to maximize lead generation. Setting appointments and gaining valuable customer insights speeds up the sales process and grows your sales pipeline!

4. Sales

The key is to develop a Professional Sales organization. By finding efficiency in the first three steps, you can place your most talented sales professionals in front of the most lucrative opportunities. Value-Time-Management refers to opportunity cost gained or lost by how you utilize the most valuable revenue generation sources.

5. Client Experience

Once a client has been gained, the best way to grow your business is by providing a Red Carpet Experience. This will lead to client retention, account growth and net-new referrals. Quantum growth will come from this.

Make The Leap Podcast

The “Make the Leap” podcast tells the stories of those who have overcome struggles to reach the top of their respective professions or areas of life. These compelling stories are designed to give us hope that anyone, with the right mindset and attitude can accomplish their DREAMS!